United Arab Emirates Netball Association

A newly established governing body for Netball in the UAE who have just been accepted into the Netball Europe competition at the U17 and Open level. They join teams such as England, Scotland and Switzerland as a part of the ‘Electric Eleven’. Competing in the competition will the UAENA the opportunity to secure a world ranking.

Netball has been played for the last 40 years in the UAE, with over 150 teams playing every week. The UAENA has developed player pathways with opportunities to play at every level. Development of training academies, indoor & outdoor leagues, tournaments and officiating courses have been key to the growth of the game in recent years. This has tied in well with a recent focus on encouraging young females to be healthy and increase their exercise levels throughout the Emirate nations.

The U17s will compete in Dublin, March 2018 and the Open Championships take place in Gibraltar, May 2018.

Welcome to the #AkumaFamily