Akuma Sports announce partnership with Veo Technologies


“Veo is an innovative technology company offering outstanding cameras to support the growth of sport across the world. Together with their cameras and platforms, Veo will continue to increase the enjoyment and quality of sport across the world. Akuma shares the same values as Veo. We are both driven by family values, have a passion for the game and for making a difference. Akuma are dedicated to providing the highest quality sportswear to both elite and grassroots sports worldwide, with an unbeatable turnaround and unrivalled customer service. We are very much looking forward to working in partnership with Veo”. 

Statement by Warwick Aldersley, Director and Co-founder of Akuma 

“Veo is proud to reveal its new partnership with Akuma, who work with over 800 rugby clubs, 700 schools and 200 higher education establishments per year across the UK. Whilst Veo aims to provide an easy-to-use affordable solution that is of great video quality, Akuma’s mission is to provide a simple and reliable sportswear solution that focuses on innovation and quality. Hence, Veo is extremely excited to be working with Akuma for the next three years in order to enhance grassroots sport and take all sports performance to that next level.”

Statement by Rosie Crampin, UK Partnership Development Manager at Veo

Veo story:

The company was born in 2015 in Copenaghen when the Co-founder asked himself why aren’t all football matches recorded. Veo was created with a vision to democratise the video broadcasting and analytics that today only are available for professional teams by offering a self-recording, simple and affordable camera available to all levels of sport worldwide. 


Welcome to the #AkumaFamily

Veo Technologies