Akuma Sports announces Charity Partnership with Marathon Kids UK

Akuma Sports is very proud to announce our brand-new and first charity partnership with Marathon Kids UK. Founded in 2010, the charity has the very simple aim of providing children and their families with opportunities to run and exercise. Marathon Kids UK is a national children’s charity based in Leamington Spa, and their big mission is to get children active; they’re tackling back against childhood obesity and poor mental health in young people and are encouraging as many people as we can to join them on that journey.

We wanted to find a likeminded company to us, and we found that straight away with Akuma. We knew that with Akuma, we were going to join the same mission of trying to fight back against childhood obesity, to tackle mental health problems for children and to get kids to love being physically active.

Christopher McShane, Managing Director of Marathon Kids UK

At Akuma, we began our hunt for a charity to work with earlier in the year, the task set to a member of our Sales team. Through links within the company, James was given the details of Marathon Kids UK and found a charity that ticked every box. A charity that shared our love for sports and an active lifestyle, as well as a charity that cared for the children of today; it was a refreshing and exciting discovery that we wanted to take forward. With the talks beginning in the summer months, we are delighted to announce the partnership to the world.

We put a lot of time and effort into finding an amazing charity that we could align and grow with – we’re thrilled to have found Marathon Kids UK. We wanted to partner with Marathon Kids UK because they’re all about the next generation’s health and happiness.

Thomas Aldersley, Director and Co-founder of Akuma Sports

Marathon Kids UK and Akuma Run Australia Challenge

As part of the new partnership, a team of ten staff members at Akuma HQ are joining the charity’s new challenge to run the length of Australia. The challenge set by Marathon Kids UK ambassador Nikki Love, who is aiming to set a women’s world record for running across Australia. The male record currently stands at 67 days, 2 hours, and 57 minutes – Nikki aims to complete this in 63 days. We wish Nikki the very best of luck with her challenge and look forward to watching for her updates across the social media platforms.


The team of 10 at Akuma HQ will be working on running the same distance, 2,450 miles, over a much longer period. The team will undertake the equivalent of 93 marathons with members from every department at Akuma HQ. The team is aiming to complete the challenge over the coming months, and regular updates will be posted across the social media platforms of Akuma Sports.

The design team at Akuma have created not only regular shirts for the Marathon Kids UK events but also a special and limited kit selection for this challenge that can be purchased from the Marathon Kids UK shop at https://shop.kidsrunfree.co.uk/.

If you or your company would like to get involved with the Marathon Kids UK ‘Run Australia’ challenge, visit https://www.marathonkids.co.uk/challenge/ for more registration, details and applications.

Welcome to the #AkumaFamily!