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Most of you know us as a sports kit specialist and we still are! We are committed to providing you with excellent customer service and the highest quality kit. Our industry leading 3 week turnaround has been key to our success.


We are extremely proud to be paving the way toward an ethically sustainable future in our industry. By the end of 2021 all of Akuma’s UK made playing and leisurewear will be manufactured using 100% recycled fabrics. We have worked hard to ensure our transition to recycled fabrics will not affect the quality of the garments in terms of strength, comfort and longevity, ensuring the same standard of garments throughout our range.

Sustainable High Quality Products
As a company we have made the exciting first steps towards using recycled polymers in our sublimated garments. This allows for the company to reduce consumption of crude oil to produce virgin polymers, as well as reducing the number of plastics polluting the environment and giving them a second lease of life as a garment that can be used for years to come. We are dedicated to expanding our use of recycled plastics throughout our wide range of products and aim to use 100% recycled fabrics in our sublimated garment by the end of 2021.The reduction in use of virgin polymers drastically reduces the companies carbon footprint helping us to move ever closer to carbon neutrality.
We closely monitor garments that are in production developing and evolving them as new technologies become available. An example of this is how we are now making the transition to recycled fabrics in our sublimated garments. We developed this fabric as part of our desire to build a sustainable future for Akuma. The fabric is made using plastic bottles that could otherwise contribute to plastic in landfill or the ocean with an average of 8 bottles making up each garment.
We aim to be an environmentally friendly company and it is our intention to promote a policy that is focused on being green aware. A culture will be fostered within the company that ensures all employees understand they can make a significant contribution to the Company being an environmentally friendly and green aware company. The Company's policy is to comply or exceed the requirements of environmental legislation and regulation. We use fewer shipments and air freights for our stock than other teamwear manufacturers further reducing our carbon footprint. Where possible we deliver teamwear in bulk to minimise journeys by delivery companies.