Why you should be using British manufacturing

Every business has countless key decisions to make on a weekly basis. One of the most important decisions for any manufacturer is choosing where they should base their production. Should we be manufacturing abroad? Should we stay in Britain? What difference will it make to the company?

Well, in this article we look to cover some of the key reasons why you should be using British manufacturing.

1.Helping the economy

Firstly, buy purchasing from a British supplier you are not only keeping people in jobs, you are keeping talented skills alive. Some of these skills have been handed down from generation to generation and have become part of the fabric of the nation. Entire towns can depend on a skill or service, Stoke-on-Trent and the potteries being just one good example.


One of the main reasons businesses look to manufacture products abroad is due to costs. Everyone is trying to drive down costs, but by driving down costs, you are more than likely driving down quality. Rather than thinking “let’s make a top quality product”, people have moved towards “let’s make the cheapest product”. Using British products ensures a higher level of quality.

3.Carbon Footprint

In an age where we should be much more conscious of how much we travel due to the damage it has on the planet, we should also be aware of how far our products may have to travel before they reach us. Buying products from Britain can help create a more sustainable future for the next generation.

4.Ethical Buying

On a similar note, ensuring we buy moral products from ethical producers has never been more important. The UK has strict regulations on working conditions and minimum pay requirements ensuring all workers have a safe environment to work in and take home a living wage. By buying your products from abroad you lose some level of control on how the employees who have made or supplied your product have been treated.

5.Creating Communities

A workplace can create a community. The more work manufactured in Britain, the more communities can be built which can create further opportunities. Local work builds trustworthiness and authenticity and helps create consumer confidence.

There are many, many positives to keeping manufacturing in the UK. Akuma Sports are proud to be able to say they source their products locally and help build a sustainable future with quality products. You can discover more about the products we produce, here.